Due to the unprecedented event of Covid-19, we are experiencing some un avoidable delays in delivery time. We are trying out level best to get your favourite product to you at the earliest.Kindly bear with us.

About us

Our unusual collection has grown from Glory's crazy idea to find unusual things/services and make it available to people through a great online portal.Our special procurement team do thorough search throughout the year for creative and unusual  finds from around the world. We also discover unique things through online submissions from our community of professionals, designers, artisans and inventors.Thanks to our capable in-house buying team, we also have sourced our own unusual products too.

Every products that you will see in our store embrace strands of creativity and intrinsic value. We look for products and services that can:

  • Add value

  • Solution to a problem
  • Serve a purpose

  • Mesmerize us with their beauty

  • Usually not available in common markets

  • Are handmade with exceptional craft and skill

  • Use unusual, reclaimed, or recycled materials

  • Give us the out of the world feeling of , “Excellent idea  of making life easier and better?”


Out of the above 8 principles,if 5 are taken care of, then our team of procurement team gives the best shot to make this product available to you.